Po is the main protagonist of Kung Fu Panda: Heroes of Kung Fu.
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Po, the hero of the Valley of Peace

About him

The panda who would day be both Dragon Warrior and emperor of China came from a background of tragedy. To thwart a prophecy that he would one day be defeated by a warrior of black and white, the wicked peacock ruler Shen murdered a village of pandas. However, one baby panda survived due to the sacrifice of its mother, ended up in the Valley of Peace, was adopted by the noodle shop owner Ping and began to grow, where he joined the Jade Palace, befriended Shifu's adopted daughters Tigress and Song, and learned the ways of the masters, though with much clumsiness and chaos. As a young adult, he fell in love with and began dating Tigress, was chosen as the Dragon Warrior, defeated the evil Snow leopard leopard Tai Lung and saved the Valley. As time passed, he defeated many enemies, including Shen, married Tigress, became the adopted father to five young children, including a fox boy, a bunny girl, two goat twin boys and a sheep girl. After the murder of the emperor by the evil King Temutai, he was chosen to rule China, as the emperor had been childless. Now, he rules China and grows more mature and ever wiser. He is a well-loved ruler, alongside his wife.


  • He grows more mature as he gets older.