Song is the adoptive sister of Tigress in Kung Fu Panda: Heroes of Kung Fu.

Song, Tigress' adoptive sister.

About her

Song was born the daughter of the infamous thief and leader of the Ladies of the Shade, Su, who, already having two twin daughters, didn't want another child and had no love for the infant. She ordered her twin girls to leave the infant on the doorstep of the orphanage, stating that someone else could raise her. She was brought into the orphanage, named Song, and lived there as she grew into childhood. During her time there, she befriended another feline girl, Tigress, and the two became very close, considering one another their adoptive sister. Later, Shifu of the Jade Palace adopted both of them. They became friends with the panda boy Po. Together, she and Tigress grew into beautiful young adults. Song later found love with a leopard named Peng. She is a talented parasol dancer as well.


  • She helps to defeat Su.
  • She is married to Peng.