Tai Lung is a former major antagonist in Kung Fu Panda: Heroes of Kung Fu.

About him

His backstory is the same as in official canon. However, in this version, he, after being defeated by Po, he comes to realize how wrong he had been and reforms, coming in and defeating and killing Shen by breaking his neck. He then returns to his adoptive father, Shifu, and adoptive sisters, Tigress and Song, though they don't exactly trust him at first, and he has to earn it back. He proved himself over time. In the future, he becomes Po and Tigress' bodyguard when they are the rulers of China. He is the uncle and brother-in-law to Peng, who is his nephew by the sister of a female leopard he once had a romantic relationship with. He is also the uncle to Po and Tigress' sons and daughters.


  • He was held for twenty years in Chor-Ghom Prison.