Tigress is the secondary protagonist of Kung Fu Panda: Heroes of Kung Fu.
Tigress determined

Tigress, warrior and love of Po

About her

Born to unnamed parents, who, to save her from an unknown threat, left her on the doorstep of an orphanage. She spent her early years there, where she befriended a young leopardess named Song, who grew so close to her that they considered each other sisters. Master Shifu later adopted both of them. As a child, she befriended a panda boy named Po. She grew to young adulthood, becoming strikingly beautiful. Later, Po and Tigress fell in love and began dating. Po was chosen as the Dragon Warrior and defeated Tai Lung and other villains. After a time, Po and Tigress married and adopted several children, as Tigress could not bear children of her own. These were a fox boy, a bunny girl, two goat twin boys and a sheep girl. Later, when the warrior king Temutai killed the childless emperor of China, Po and Tigress were ultimately selected to be his replacements. Now, Po and Tigress rule China, and are beloved of the people.

Difference of portrayal

In the remake version, Tigress, while still having her same movie personality, abilities, toughness and so on, is portrayed in a much more feminine manner, meaning, when not battling, she acts far more femininely, and is always recognized as being a female, no exceptions.


  • She and Po come to have several adopted children once they are married.
  • She is now the empress of China.